#2 A Peace Story

As well as working my way through the Lord of the Rings films (only got the last one to go now!) and sitting on my bum all day, I also I watched an inspiring TED talk by Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphic designer. In 15 minutes he explains how his poster campaign for peace between Israel and Iran started and grew into something huge and very significant, and even spread to other countries declaring their love for each others people’s.

My Facebook friends are constantly bombarded by pro-peace, go green and the more controversial stand-up-for-yourself-even-if-it-means-going-against-your-government messages from me, which I found out has caused most of my closest friends to block my feed… Well, I suppose it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So those people will know that I’d
like all the worlds problems to be resolved peacefully and everybody to start spontaneously hugging each other and all trees in the vicinity, however over the course of human history war and disputes have played a part in all cultures, they have been as inevitable as fights in the animal kingdom. However, we humans are smart, and we are all connected by the internet now, which means that, where there is free speech, people can share their thoughts and feelings on their governments policies, even to the extent of avoiding war as Edry shows. I won’t say much more, just watch it!

Piece of knowledge #2

One man started a visual piece campaign in March 2012 to avoid war between Israel and Iran. People who've been told to hate and be scared of the 'other' race all their lives have outsmarted their governments and declared their love for each other. A beautiful love story.