#3 Christmas Crabs! (+ Why do girls hate FPS games?)

No, I have not caught crabs over the Christmas period. Rather, I saw an interesting program last night on the crabs of Christmas Island, called ‘Nature’s Weirdest Events’. I will share with you this fascinating story of migration as the new thing to learn about today.

Piece of knowledge #3

Millions of red crabs endemic to Christmas Island (a tiny Australian island 450km off the coast of Indonesia) migrate from the forest to the sea annually to lay their eggs. Then what’s even more amusing is that the tiny baby crabs journey from the sea to the forest turning the streets red with waves of these fingernail-sized creatures. Apparently, the residents of Christmas Island do their best to allow the crabs to journey on unscathed, allowing them into their homes and even closing roads. The crabs instinctively know their way; they are known to start piling up against fences and navigating their way into cupboards that people have put in the way of this ancient migration path. Stupid humans! You have to see it to believe it…


Why do girls hate FPS games?

You may hate me for saying this but I am speaking very generally indeed. I just know of lots of boys who love COD and Halo and I don’t have any girl friends who play these games. If you’re a psychologist reading this, please tell me if there are any theories about the way boys and girls are wired up so that some either get very into or not give two monkeys about shooting games. I know I’ve never tried to get good but I really don’t see the appeal. Put me in a car racing game, a parking perfection game or, more embarrassingly, a Sims game and I’m in my element! Any thoughts?


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