#1 Hello 2013!

Happy new year and hello! I’m entering 2013 with purple legs thanks to the designer of high heels and some very slippy stairs. It didn’t have anything to do with being extremely drunk at the time of course…

My resolution is to find out something new every day, so since I have no idea where or when the tradition of new years began, that will be the first thing I will find out and share with you this year! Please feel free to share with us your personal new years traditions.

Google tells me that traditions range from wearing colourful underpants in Bolivia and Mexico to celebrating the new year with dead relatives at the cemetery (Talca, Chile), to wearing polka dots and eating all things round in the Philippines, to waving flaming balls of fire at the Hogmanay in Scotland! This makes my new years tradition of getting ver ver drunk seem relatively dull!

Piece of knowledge #1

We have celebrated the coming of spring as a ‘new year’ for thousands of years, but we didn’t even have the month of January until 700 BC (thanks to Roman king Numa Pompilius). It then took another few centuries to for the Romans to celebrate new year on January 1st for the first time in 153 B.C. THEN it took us English until 1752 to adopt the idea of January 1st celebrations. Happy new year!


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